Progessence Plus

Progessence Plus serum and Women’s Health

Progessence Plus helps you FEEL and LOOK GOOD!

Progessence Plus is a pure serum that is designed specifically for women.  It’s an blend of 95% essential oil with wild yam dissolved directly into the oils. It has a base
of Vitamin E and contains the essential oils Frankincense, Copaiba, Bergamont, Rosewood and Cedarwood.   It helps to encourages the appearance of beauty and absorbs quickly.

I really love the way this serum  smells and how the portable bottle makes application convenient and enjoyable, especially in public.

Progessence Plus™ features some of our most-loved essential oils, including Sacred Frankincense and Peppermint oil, to create a serum that perfectly pampers you. Formulated specifically for women, and ideal for women over 30, Young Living’s Progessence Plus is a great addition to your day or nighttime routine.

Wild yam extract and vitamin E support your skin in looking its best, while Frankincense smooths the look of fine lines. Keep your skin looking as young as you feel and add a few drops to your moisturizer or massage it directly onto your skin. With coconut oil and essential oils such as Bergamot and Rosewood, Progessence Plus uses premium ingredients to moisturize and soothe healthy-looking skin. Plus, you’ll love the convenient and beautiful packaging of this serum. Stash it in your travel bag or display it on your vanity with your other beauty must-haves.

Apply 2-4 drops daily onto soft areas of the skin and gently massage in.

For more information about the ingredients and application of Progessence Plus, click here