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Why is America counted as one of the sickest nations in the world? Why are Americans in a continual struggle with their weight? Who stands to gain from these issues? “Living Balanced” reveals the source of most ailments that run rapid in the United States today and can help you to avoid them. Author Stacey Kimbrell exposes the terror in our grocery stores. The Standard American Diet of prepackaged foods containing chemical toxins can have long-term effects on your health. These products, with their manmade ingredients, have now crossed borders and citizens of other nations have begun to experience heath issues similar to Americans. What you don’t know will hurt you. This reference guide is designed to assist you through your daily life as you make positive changes to improve your health and well-being. You will learn what toxic chemicals are in your foods, cleaners, and skin-care products and how to replace those products with non-toxic substitutes. Readers are giving step-by-step instruction for making homemade safe and inexpensive nontoxic cleaning products. “Living Balanced” will also explain ways to clear existing toxins and Candida from your body, provide ways to balance your pH levels, and assist you in working towards a healthier body and lifestyle. Better health starts with making wise decisions that lead to a balance life.

When Stacey Kimbrell read her toothpaste label she was shocked to see, “If you accidentally swallow, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.” Through research of each ingredient listed on the tube she discovered that nearly all of the ingredients were toxic and led to a host of health problems. Angry and concerned for her family’s health, she continued to research the ingredients in the foods she and her family consumed every day. She was alarmed to learn that nearly all the foods contained toxic ingredients.

Stacey began to wonder if these toxic ingredients were the reason for her family’s dermatitis, sinusitis, allergies, infections, ADHD, depression, and bad moods. For the next 20 months, Stacey researched the chemicals found in foods and cleaning products. She attended numerous classes on Toxins and studied under Dr. Nathan Peachey, D.N.M. She realized that with continued use of toxic laden products, the body cannot maintain a healthy balance and becomes more susceptible to illness and disease. She also learned that many illnesses and diseases are caused by the toxins that we unknowingly consume.

As Stacey learned about the negative consequences of the toxins in foods and products, she felt an overwhelming responsibility to spread the word to as many people as possible. Thus, “Living Anointed” was created by Stacey to provide teaching, speaking and consulting services for those interested in Holistic Health, Wellness and Chemical Awareness.

Stacey has become a Natural Health Advocate, sought after lecturer aswell as the author of “Living Balanced and creator of, (a website dedicated to informing other of healthy non-toxic living).

“Living Balanced” was created to challenge you to become your own health advocate by taking control of what you ingest, inhale and absorb into your body. “The Solutions” chapter explains which toxins are contained in the most common foods and products. “The Effects” chapter will demonstrate how some very painful and debilitating health issues can be eliminated through the elimination of toxins. Stacey hopes that she can convince you, by sharing her abundance of knowledge, and her personal testimony, that you too can “Live Balanced”.