December Incentives from Our Daily Drop


We have 2 Incentive Programs for Our Daily Drop members only.  We hope you enjoy the opportunity to win free products

#1 INCENTIVE: Essential Rewards

We want to reward you for rewarding yourself! Everyone in our downline who is enrolled in Young Living’s Essential Rewards (ER) will be automatically entered into our great new drawing! The higher your PV the greater your chance to win. To participate you, MUST have a minimum 100pv ER order.

  •   50pv E.R. Order – 1 Entry
  • 100pv E.R. Order – 2 Entry
  • 190pv E.R. Order – 3 Entries
  • 250pv E.R. Order – 4 Entries
  • 300pv E.R. Order – 5 Entries

#2 INCENTIVE: Re-activation’s & NEW Essential Rewards*

Reactivation’s – Take a look at your downline viewer in your Virtual Office. How many people did you have “Go Inactive” in the last few months? Contact them, and encourage them to place a new order to be reactivated.  YOU will receive 1 Entry for each person that reactivates.
NEW Essential Rewards (ER) sign-ups – When a new or existing member in your downline who is not currently on ER signs up with Essential Rewards upon contact by you, YOU will receive 1 Entry.
The winner of each contest will receive all of the following prizes:

​• Pure Protein Complete ($65.00)
• 2 Bottles of NingXia Red ($71.00)
• Lip Balm – No Petroleum ($4.25)
• Cool Azul Sports Gel ($39.75)
• Orange Blossom Facial Wash ($41.00) (Total: $221.00)
*TERMS for #2:

A name will be drawn at random for both incentives and announced on Nov 3, 2015.
Only one winner will be chosen for each incentive.
You will be contacted by Stacey or Steve to discuss prize options and delivery.
When the member YOU contact establishes Essential Rewards YOU will get (1 Entry) for that member.
You will automatically be entered into this drawing for as many “entry’s” as you qualify for.
When an Inactive Member that YOU contact reactivates his/her membership with a YL order YOU will receive 1 Entry.
To qualify for this incentive YOU are responsible for sending an email with the following info.  You can email one email at a time or all at once and the end of the month.
SUBJECT LINE: October ODD Incentives
BODY: list the (Names and Member#) of All reactivated members & your  name and member numberOnly the leader who encourages the member to enroll in ER will receive an entry. Enroller and Sponsor (if different) cannot both receive an entry for the same enrollee.​

• Only the leader who encourages the member to enroll in ER will receive an entry. Enroller and Sponsor (if different) cannot both receive an entry for the same enrollee.