August Incentive from OurDailyDrop

Our Daily Drop (ODD)
Incentive “PV Assistant” Program

We would like to extend an opportunity for 2 people to win a FREE AromaLux™ Atomizing Diffuser wholesale value $110.00.  (view Diffuser video) 

How You Win
1. When you help a member get established PV Assistant YOU will get (1 Entry) for each member. You will be entered into this drawing for as many “entry’s” as you qualify for.
2. The member that just got on PV assistant will also get
(1 Entry) into a separate drawing to win the AromaLux™ Diffuser.


It’s very important to establish members who are already on Essential Rewards on PV Assistant. This not only keeps them at their monthly pv goal, but it also protects them from negative results like:
  A. Missing out on a possible check from Young Living
  B. Loosing 15% to 20% Essential Rewards points
  C. Having a below 50pv order count as a skip month for their
        ER order
*if you have already used your ER “skip/grace” month and your monthly ER order goes below 50pv, you automatically lose your reward %. i.e. if you were at 20%, you
 now go down to 10% for 6 months then to 15% for 6 months. (starts all over) not good!

1. PV Assistant allows you to create a monthly PV goal from 50pv to what ever you desire
2. You can change it monthly to insure you hit the monthly PV Promotions 190,250,300,400
3. You design a wish list of your favorite Young Living products- 1st item gets pulled 1st.
4. If your Essential Rewards order falls below your customizable PV goal, the assistant will automatically add an item(s) from your wish list so that you always meet your goal.

If you need help you can call me, your sponsor or contact Young Living directly via phone at 1-800-371-3515.

Here is a Quick Video about PV Assistant- this is very important so you don’t lose your
E.R. % points and you don’t accidentally use this month as a skip month.
Here is a 3 minute video about
Essential Rewards


• Two random names will be drawn and announced the 1st week of September.
• You will be contacted by Stacey if you win and it will be posted on FB.
• To qualify for this incentive YOU are responsible for sending an email to with the following info. by September 1st.
• Only the leader who encourages the member to enroll in ER will receive an entry. Enroller and Sponsor (if different) cannot both receive an entry for the same enrollee.

See link below for details or